License Renewal

Continuing Education Requirements

  • Persons who failed to renew during the 2020 biennium must complete all CE requirements for the last (2018-2020) and current (2020-2022) renewals. This will normally mean completion of 40 hours of CE (with at least 20 hours of live in-person or live webinar credits) to include 2 hours on the topic of bloodborne diseases and 4 hours on the prevention of medical errors.
  • All general courses completed must be strictly related to the practice of Electrology and offered by a Council-approved provider.  Licensees should use the Find CE/CME function at to ensure they are finding approved live and home study courses.

Step-by-Step Renewal Instructions

  • If not already, the licensee must create a personal CE Broker account to track completion/reporting of the required continuing education hours. The Department of Health requires that all licensees report their completed continuing education hours in CE Broker prior to renewing with the Department of Health. This step must be completed or they will be unable to renew their license. If they do not already have a CE Broker account for this purpose, they must visit or contact a CE Broker representative at 1-877-434-6323 for assistance.
  • Complete the required continuing education hours. Approved courses may be found using the “Course Search” function at Find CE/CME.
  • Verify their completed CE courses have been reported to their personal CE Broker account. Once CEs are complete, licensee’s should login to their CE Broker account to ensure that their courses have been reported. If not, they should contact the course provider for follow-up or go ahead and self-submit the courses to their personal account to avoid delays.
  • Once complete, the licensee will go to “Renew Your License” on the Department of Health’s website at  Should they have any technical difficulties once logged into their account, they should contact the MQA Customer Call Center at 850-488-0595 to obtain further assistance.  In submitting their renewal application online, they will pay the regular renewal fee, plus delinquency fees owed.  The renewal fee schedules are provided on the Council’s website at

Important Notes:

  • If a delinquent licensee does not take action to reinstate their license prior to May 31, 2022, it will be placed in a null and void status and he or she will have to re-apply for a new license and re-take the licensure examination to resume practice in Florida. 
  • If a licensee is unable to complete all requirements prior to the deadline, they might consider renewing in an “Inactive” status though the “Renew Your License” portal and paying the required fee. This will hold the license in place to allow time to complete the CEs. Once the CEs are complete, the licensee would contact the Council Office at to request instructions on reactivating the license to include the amount of fees required to do so at the time.

**The information provided is GENERAL and that it is highly recommended that individual licensees contact the Council Office at if you need assistance. Licensees may misinterpret some part as it applies to their particular circumstances, so PLEASE contact the board.

MQA has 3 outstanding specialists that are handling the profession on a daily basis and can tailor information, as needed, for an individual licensee’s circumstances. Here is the direct contact info. below, but again, all 3 work the Electrology in-box as a team, so, it is preferable that assistance be requested by those means.

Ahna Chamlis, Regulatory Specialist III


Susan (Ashley) Craun, Regulatory Specialist II


Terrica Jones, Regulatory Specialist II – Electrology Team Lead


Terrica is our lead worker but is on temporary leave.  She is working part-time, M-F, 9-1 and can be reached as indicated above.