Start earning CEU’s in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to the Registration page and create your account. Your account will be activated after email confirmation.
  2. Go to your account information page and complete all necessary fields to begin earning CEU’s.
  3. View the CEU exam requirements for your profession.
  4. Look through our list of CEU’s and select one that you would like to start.
  5. Download the study guide for the exam.
  6. When you are prepared, start the exam online.
  7. Finish the Exam with a passing score. You have unlimited chances to pass the exam with at least 70% or you will have to restart it.
  8. After successfully passing the exam, you will be prompted to pay. Once paid, verify that all account information is correct because this information will be used to create your CEU certificate.
  9. Your certificate of completion will be available right after successful payment. Our agent will submit the data to CE broker within 3 business days.
  10. You will need to renew your license on DBPR after 72 hours from taking the license renewal course.

Contact us online if you have any questions.